Omniaccess Esr Compact Routers

Summary/ Overview

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess 5700 Enterprise Services Router (ESR) product line is a rich line of state-of-the-art Enterprise Access Routers. The OmniAccess 5700 ESR routers deliver fast and uninterrupted network communications with the most complete networking features. A variety of network interfaces are offered on the different compact models, including 4G cellular (LTE), VDSL, SHDSL, E1/T1 CSU/DSU WAN, SFP and universal serial port (synchronous) (V.35, X.21, V.24). These routers incorporate an advanced protocol stack, including support for dynamic routing, multi-VRRP, link quality management, redundant links, VLANs, QoS, bridging, VPNs, and SNMP among others.

Product Description/ Features/ Specifications

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess 5700 ESR product line delivers many features in a compact form-factor, with no moving parts. It is ready to cover any need which could arise in enterprise access networks.

Benefits: OmniAccess ESR Compact Routers

  • One of the most complete network protocol stacks for access routers Worldwide
  • Very high performance
  • Hardware encryption, optimizing transmission of encrypted traffic.
  • Gigabit-Ethernet port (10/100/1000M, RJ-45 connector) and 4-port switch (10/100/1000M)
  • Embedded WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n interface (MIMO, double port for external Wi-Fi antennas), with professional security (IEEE 802.11i).
  • Wide array of variants with additional interfaces to select from, including 4G cellular (LTE), VDSL, SHDSL, E1/T1 CSU/DSU WAN, SFP and universal serial port (synchronous) (V.35, X.21, V.24).
  • USB Host 2.0 port for additional cellular connectivity.
  • External power supply (90-240Vac adaptor) or via Ethernet (PoE client integrated on selected models).
  • Top-grade management. The SNMPv3 agent allows easy integration with network management platforms.

Features: OmniAccess ESR Compact Routers

Advanced routing functions and Quality of Service

Given that the purpose of the OmniAccess 5700 ESR series is to provide service for a large number of small and medium branches, the device is capable of offering advanced features all of which can be necessary in a corporate environment, for example:

  • Advanced routing features fit for complex networks, such as route balancing, routing protocols orientated to corporations, routing based on policies, multiple instant routing or routing depending on real time measured quality on the line.
  • Border router for different dynamic routing domains (RIP, OSPF, or BGP), administrative distance in IP routes, route filtering based on maps and policy-based routing (PBR) favor the implementation of corporate convergent services which combine Wireless WAN and landline access.
  • Multi-HSRP and Multi-VRRP for network resilience and load balancing applications
  • Link quality monitoring through the Alcatel-Lucent NSM/NSLA system. Routing policy based on link quality (RTT, erroneous frame rate and UDP jitter).
  • Device redundancy functions in the local network through standard protocols to integrate with other devices offering alternative connectivity.
  •  Advanced VLAN support integrated with routing between VLANs.
  • Complete Quality of Service (QoS) schema with traffic flow classification depending on any layer 3 and 4 parameter or type of traffic (voice over IP, peer-to-peer, etc), and the different queue management policies (simple through weights, associated to classes, throughput limitation, overflow, etc).
  • Bridging between switch ports, and VLANs routed towards the WAN.

Secure Communications

  • Encryption processor incorporated; optimizes device performance in scenarios with IPSec tunnels.
  • Fully parameterized IPSec Client/Server.  Advanced IPSec features such as PKI encryption (Digital Certificates), extended authentication and Reverse-Route Injection guaranteeing compatibility with other commercial VPN solutions.
  • Latest generation meshed topology VPN networks (Dynamic Multipoint VPN technology).

Efficient communications management

  • Powerful ESR command console, suitable for professionally managing the device.
  • A Syslog client reports any events detected by the ESR Events Logging System.
  • SNMPv3 agent provides the ability to send traps and read MIB2 and Private-MIB depending on the defined management communities.  The OmniAccess 5720 ESR can easily be integrated in the existing network management platform.
  • Network clock synchronization (NTP Client).
  • Telnet, SSH2, FTP, TFTP and RADIUS Client.

Myriad of variants available with different combinations of connectivity options and advanced functionalities

  • Cellular (up to LTE), Wi-Fi, complete serial port, ADSL2+/VDSL2, SHDSL (ATM 4p), SFP and E1/T1.

Integrated VoIP solution. Universal VoIP MediaGW

  • Universal B2B-UA SIP Server, compatible with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Unified Communications and NOE/UA.
  • Service provided for up to 10 IP telephones in the branch.
  • IP switchboard features (IP-PABX): Ring groups, hunt groups, capture groups, double dialing, local message recording, blind and attended transfers, etc. 
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