Omniaccess Esr Modular Routers

Summary/ Overview

The OmniAccess 5800 Enterprise Services Router (ESR) series is innovative and revolutionary product bringing together both a communications infrastructure and business processes in the same dual core hardware platform. It is a high performance professional router and PBX with an integrated standards-based secure application server, thus providing unified management aimed at simplifying provision and maintenance tasks. The OmniAccess 5800 can act as an office server for files/printers/scanners, IP telephony, domotics management, energy efficiency, LDAP backup, and many other uses. It is based on standards so any application based on GNU/Linux can be easily and quickly migrated making the OmniAccess 5800 series an integrated solution that reduces dedicated server maintenance costs.

Product Description/ Features/ Specifications

Benefits: OmniAccess ESR Modular Routers

  • 800 MHz dual core CPU provides full routing functionality and leaves a core available for applications.
  • Simplifies application management in offices, by integrating it into the same box as the router.
  • One of the most complete network protocol stacks for access routers Worldwide
  • Very high performance.
  • Top-grade management. The SNMPv3 agent allows integration with network management platforms.
  • Embedded WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n interface (MIMO, double port for external WiFi antennas), with professional security (IEEE 802.11i).
  • Embedded 4G cellular interface

Features: OmniAccess ESR Modular Routers

State of the art in hardware and software

Up to two independent devices perfectly integrated into one box:

  • Powerful modular router with advanced routing functionality
  • Versatile applications server with a Debian GNU/Linux base

Secure Communications

  • Encryption processor incorporated; optimizes device performance in scenarios with IPSec tunnels.
  • Fully parameterized IPSec Client/Server.  Advanced IPSec features such as PKI encryption (Digital Certificates), extended authentication and Reverse-Route Injection guaranteeing compatibility with other commercial VPN solutions.
  • Latest generation meshed topology VPN networks (Dynamic Multipoint VPN technology).


  • Base double connectivity Gigabit and an 8 port integrated switch (with optional PoE)
  • 2 expansion slots and many card possibilities: VDSL2, ADSL2+, G.SHDSL (2p), 3 serial ports, 2 BRI, 2 SFP, 4 FXS/FXO, 2 E&M, or 4 E1/T1.

Routing software orientated towards enterprises

The OmniAccess 5800 series uses ESR code (Alcatel-Lucent’s Internetworking Code), and is widely regarded as a point of reference for professional routing and used by the hundreds of thousands of devices operating for clients and in the most demanding environments. The following are just a few of the outstanding characteristics:

  • Enormous emphasis is placed on security, incorporating firewall features (Stateful firewall) and IPSec with all its variants (RC4, DES, 3DES, RSA, SHA-1, MD5 algorithms, digital certificates, DMVPN, GETVPN, etc…)
  • Supports IP Telephony with Media Gateway features (MGCP, SIP, H323) and IP Telephony integrated server capable of managing up to 300 telephones with SIP, H323, Alcatel NOE/UE or SCCP (Skinny) protocols.
  • Quality of Service, with CBWFQ, LLQ and WRED algorithms supporting hierarchical system with 32 different traffic classes per interface, traffic marking and profiling as well as traffic pre-classification contained in VPNs and integrating QoS with MPPP and fragmentation.
  • Necessary routing protocols adapted to corporate networks and MPLS in general (RIP-2, BGP-4 and OSPF in addition to Policy Routing, routing activating based on polls, HSRP, VRRP, VRF,…)
  • Management adapted to needs of carriers and large enterprises through powerful command lines (CLI), access controlled through RADIUS/TACACS+, SNMPv3, ample level of debugs and statistics, integrated analyzer compatible with Ethereal/Wireshark, etc.

Application scenarios on the embedded GNU/Linux core

As an applications server, the OmniAccess 5800 series can be integrated in numerous scenarios such as:

  • intrusion detection polls and service denegation
  • communications accelerator
  • web cache proxy and content control
  • file or printer server
  • video flow control,
  • digital signage
  • domotics
  • energy efficiency
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